Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Day of Friends

Today started out with a surprise migraine for me. I say surprise because I just do NOT get migraines very often anymore (Praise and thank You, God!). So I fought it for a few hours this morning. Bob and Emma took turns praying over me, asking the Father for healing and kicking out the enemy.

I loved Emma's prayer against the enemy -- "you will not steal our joy today".

See, we had lots of fun planned for today. Special things like a reunion with our friend Rebecca who is now going to school on the other side of the planet. Our friend Christine was also coming to see Rebecca and hang out with us. And then we had plans to see our friends, the Maretzki's, for our weekly fun get-to-together.

Plus we actually had a tiny bit of snow and the boys had tried out the tobogganing hill yesterday, so everyone was eager to get out and get down the hill this afternoon.

So thank you, Father, for hearing our prayers and raising me up out of bed. It was a sweet day of friends and we thank You for each one of them!

Rebecca came with Christmas gifts from Saudi and Egypt...

Yes, I am pale and weak but full of joy!

Tobogganing here we come...


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