Friday, January 8, 2010

Exploring a Karst

I will admit to not knowing what a *karst* was until a couple of weeks ago. I love learning new things with my children!

In case you are not sure either, you can read the definition of a karst here.

My friend, Rebecca, whom I have been able to spend a lovely amount of time with this week, has a friend who is working for the conservation areas here and offered to give us a tour of a new conservation area.

It was bitterly cold, so cold that Rebecca was joking that she may return to her desert with frostbitten toes, but we persevered and had an interesting time. We learned about the overall karst, sinkholes, sinks, dolomite rock, caves and since we had a fresh snowfall overnight, we saw quite a few fascinating animal tracks (rabbit, squirrel, vole, mouse, wild turkey and coyote)!

After our outdoor excursion, we quickly headed for the restaurant with the fireplace for lunch and thawing out!



  1. Eramosa Karst Conservation area!!!
    Been there 2 times this summer.its 5 min drive from our place

    if you want to see pictures of the summer pictures of the conservation area check out my fb album in summer and heart albums!!

  2. Thanks, K! I knew we were close to your place. I'm glad you've been there. It's beautiful in winter, too! :)