Sunday, January 17, 2010

Foggy Hike

We enjoyed an invigorating hike in the beautiful, mysterious fog today. We took a wrong turn and went a long way out of the way, but thankfully, we actually ran into someone Bob knows along the way and he was able to point us in the right direction. God is so good! And we got a great workout.

Blessings in Jesus!


  1. What amazingly beautiful photos! It looks like a lovely day for a hike (though I'm not sure I would have thought so had I looked out the window here). So glad y'all had a good time and found a friend when you were lost. God is good!


  2. Beautiful! What a fun adventure with such beautiful scenery. :) Glad there was someone to help point the way when needed. God is good! There is a place where I've been longing to take the boys hiking, but I've heard the trails aren't marked well, and being directionally-challenged as I am, I have yet to be brave enough to go for fear of getting lost!

    I'm going to print off the picture of you and Bob (it's lovely) so that I will have it handy when I pray for you guys.

    Love you, friend~