Friday, February 12, 2010

Event-full Weekend

So much going on this weekend!

**Opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics

We're hoping to make this fruit pizza to kick off the celebration and our month long unit study! I've also ordered this one for my older kids.

**Counting birds for The Great Backyard Bird Count

This amazing creature has been to visit us in the last few weeks (a Cooper's Hawk, maybe?), and while we are thrilled to see a magnificent bird of prey, we hope he does not scare away all of our other feathered friends!

**Valentine's Day

Lots of cute craft ideas here and here!

**Getting Bob ready for his trip

Plus, violin, dance, home church and maybe tobogganing. And I am praying against this cold that is trying to take over my head (and if this post is somewhat disjointed, I'm blaming it on the cold meds!).

I hope your weekend is great, whatever events you have planned!

And happy Chinese New Year, too!

Blessings in Jesus!!!


  1. Hey Scarlett,
    I just found your blog. I am following you now. Love your blog.

  2. Thanks, Lisa! It's great to see you (I haven't been able to be on FIAR in awhile, so it's nice to connect here). Blessings!