Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We dropped Bob off at the airport in Buffalo yesterday and he should arrive in Kenya sometime this afternoon, our time. You may remember his trip from last year. It was incredible! He is again with our friend, Peb, and another guy from Texas (also named Bob). Peb has been three or four other times since they went last January/February. They will be ministering with Onesmus and Esther, whom we have come to love and think of as family.

Esther, especially, is someone whom I aspire to be like. She loves the Lord and hears from Him in such powerful ways! She is also used by Him on a daily basis to bring love and meet the physical needs of the orphans and others who come to her for help. And she is doing all of this while taking care of her own family!

Here she is...the one in blue...

You can check out the ministry website here. I highly recommend reading the reports section. God is moving and saving and healing!

Here is one of my favourite pictures from last year. Love these precious babies!

Please pray for Bob, Peb and the other Bob, that God would anoint them and continue to pour out His Spirit on them and through them. There will be hundreds of people to love and minister to on this trip. May they take the Living Water to each and every village and person they meet and may those people be forever changed! What a privilege!

Blessings in Jesus!


  1. Hi, Scarlett! I didn't know Bob was going with Peb. That's wonderful! I'll try to watch the reports.


  2. Hi Cinda! I'm going to put the updates on here in just a bit. God is amazing!!! Love and miss you!