Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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Afternoon Report

Bob Royce and I along with Esther went to the hills to visit some of the homes of the families that we help. We had a very gorgeous and cool day. We have had rain the last 4 nights which is a miracle this time of the year and was prayed for and in by Bob G after he received a vision about praying for the rain to come to Kenya. He received that vision on Feb 13th. Each day for the last 4 we have had significant rain and clouds each day and night. We visited the home of the young woman that many of you have heard about who has HIV and TB and a little over a year ago this woman died one night and was wrapped for the mortuary all night. During the time of her departure from earth, she saw her name on a wall that she was condemned to hell. After crying all night she told that if she would repent of the evil she had done, she would be sent back. She did and was sent back. At the time I first met her, she could not walk due to weakness and she had been in hospital for 2 months. She was saved last May or June and she is now able to walk and is getting more strength all the time. She is a widow and has 3 children and 2 have HIV. Her 10 yr old named Faith has HIV and has had TB in the spine. This has destroyed her 4th lumbar vertebra so that she is in pain and the lower back is kyphotic. There is also a mass near the vertebral area displacing things laterally. We prayed today for Faith and for her healing. As you feel called to do so, would request that you pray for her to be healed. As of now, she is scheduled to be taken to a hospital in Nairobi on March 3rd for possible surgery. Would ask you to pray for supernatural healing of Faith and that her name would truly represent her attitude in this thing. The poverty of these homes we visit in the hills is grinding. However, there is hope in this dark place as we see the Lord move among these folks. There was hope in this home we visited this morning unlike when I visited in March 2009.


Morning Report

Went to a new home fellowship last night at a young man's house who is very faithful and strong in the Lord. This fellowship is located in the witchcraft stronghold of the area. It was clear immediately that the ground was very hard. Most of the folks that were there had come out of Catholicism and many had been delivered of very defiling their ministry Onesmus told us that they would vomit up blood and worms as the demons left. But there are some who have not been completely delivered yet and their presence makes the work of ministry in this area hard going. I had Bob G to speak about what it means to believe on Christ. Before he could speak he began laughing and could not stop laughing. The joy of the Lord came on him so strong. As you know the joy of the Lord is our strength. We did not see any powerful works there. However this is only the beginning of this work. The plowing of the ground must happen and the seed sowed. Upon departure both Bob Royce and G felt some stomach cramping which had come from the witchcraft present there. It was quickly disposed of by prayer. I do believe that the joy of the Lord expressed by Bob G had so weakened the power of the witchcraft that all it could do was a little stomach cramping. Praise His name. Continue to pray for us here as we go into these areas of the enemy's strongholds. He has been faithful and I expect on return to see God will have moved in a powerful way on this home group in John's house.

We leave for the bush on the 25th. Looking forward to what the Lord will do there.


Blessings in Jesus!

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