Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Siloam and Faith

From Bob this morning...

Enjoyed a great walk through the lush valley and hills with Esther, Peb, John and Mary to go visit some of the orphan families. Huge beautiful mango tree, lots of maize, chickens, goats, cattle, etc.

We got to visit the home of Siloam and Faith. Siloam is the lady who died, went to hell, came back and received salvation. She is a widow with 3 children. Siloam could not walk after she came back. She got saved. She had to be carried from place to place. So now she is using a cane and walking some! I placed my hands on her feet, thanked God that she has had healing and prayed for more. She and 2 of her kids have HIV. Her oldest girl is Faith. She is HIV as well. Faith came down with TB last year. It affected her spine and there is also a soft tissue mass of some sort bulging from her lower back. We saw Faith's x-rays and the damage done to her spine. I laid hands on her first and spoke God's love over her. Prayed that she would be healed before her scheduled surgery on 3 March. Then Peb prayed and rebuked all the infirmity, etc. I then kissed her on the forehead. We thanked God that He had already visited the home. We are praying for another miracle and for continued restoration in that home.

Enjoying the peace of the Lord and know you guys are as well.

Lots of love!

Siloam is mentioned in this earlier post. And I find it a beautiful irony that Siloam in the Bible is the name of a pool of water where Jesus healed a blind man.

Father, please touch Faith with Your healing hand! Please continue to watch over this family and provide for their great needs. Please bless them with Your love and mercy. And may many more come to know You because of their testimony!

Blessings in Jesus!

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