Sunday, March 21, 2010

Faces of Kenya

I apologize for not getting these on here sooner. I am realizing that there aren't actually any pictures of Bob in the bunch. I guess he was photographer the entire time. I will check with him to see if he has others on his computer.

I know you will be blessed to see these faces and scenes.

This is the boy who was deaf and after asking for healing in Jesus' name, is healed and can now hear! Bob said they watched him after he was healed and he could speak and even started singing with them. *happytears*
I just had to start with him!

Machakos school at recess

70 or so orphans in Machakos lining up to receive their meal. Esther runs this ministry and provides a good meal and then sends food home with the orphan caretakers every 3 weeks.

Preparing the feast.

Orphans and caretakers waiting for food in Machakos

Waiting to eat.

Phyllis, who is full of joy, in spite of being in a wheelchair. She is a caregiver for one of the orphans.

Onesmus and Esther's daughter, Irene, who is full of life!

Goat stew, cabbage, beans, rice and chapati!

Irene and a friend dancing with joy at a leadership training.

John and Monica, along with their children. They are strong leaders who are starting a home group in their area where there is much witchcraft, fear and bondage.

Dancing and singing in the bush [Kibunga].

Pastor James and his wife in Kibunga.

Pastor James [Kibunga], Grace [Ithitwe], Peb and Onesmus. The Holy Spirit told Grace to go find Pastor James so he can help them start a fellowship. They had never met before. One of many connections that the Lord is supernaturally putting together much like in the book of Acts.

Relaxing in Grace's banana grove.

Grace with her husband. He is blind.
Bob G., on this trip, had a vision to pray for rain in Kenya while he was there. The clouds rolled in and it poured several times. The rain usually doesn't start until April or so...very out of season for February.

HIV orphan

Stephen, one of the key fellowship leaders in Machakos

Machakos home fellowship

And this precious soul has stolen my heart...
Oh, isn't she just gorgeous? I don't know her story. Just that she is an orphan. I cannot get her out of my mind and am praying for her and her caregiver.
I have more catching up to do and will be back later.
Blessings in Jesus!


  1. Oh, friend. Your pictures touch my heart and move me. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. My pleasure, Missy! They touch me, too.