Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kenya News

Our friend Peb is in Kenya once again and has a team of three other men with him. Here are some exciting reports.

These are from Friday...

I am completely recovered from the illness that struck on Wednesdays night. Thanks for your prayers. There is not much news to pass along today. We will minister today to a group of folks. Tomorrow there will be a baptismal service followed by feeding the orphans goat stew. Will pass along more information as it happens.


Today in the fellowship we saw victory. We saw many saved and we also saw many healed. One young man who was completely bound and unable to walk or extend his arms was healed. Another older woman was healed of pains in her back, abdomen and legs. Another young woman was healed from pelvic pain. She had been diagnosed with a pelvic infection this week and after prayer was free of pain. We have seen 3 Islamics saved this week. At least two are to come to be baptized tomorrow.

One of our own team has had major deliverance. He came home to his native Kenya to be freed from the generational spirits that had bound him. He got free indeed.

Blayne was excited to slaughter the goat for the orphans meal tomorrow. It has been captured on video. After all of the difficulty of the first few days, we now have victory and joy in all things. God has indeed delivered us and redeemed us from the hand of the enemy. The Lord has prevailed.

There were many others that were healed that I don't have the report on. Many Catholics have been saved and many will come to be baptized tomorrow.

Thanks for praying.

And from today...

It is now 4:30pm in Machakos. We had the baptism this morning in which 168 new converts were baptized at the swimming pool. Some of the converts were from yesterday. It was a good service with much joy.

This afternoon we fed the orphans goat stew using the goat the Blayne slaughtered yesterday. It was indeed moving to see these kids together with their guardians. They seem to be much brighter than they were 1 1/2 yrs ago. Esther does a good job with them. We saw Faith who is the little girl with HIV and TB of the spine. In Feb she had such deformity in her back that she was going to go to Nairobi for surgery. However, after we prayed for her in Feb, she began to heal. Now the deformity in her back is hardly recognizable. We prayed for her again for the rest of her healing. We also prayed for a little boy with HIV and manifestations in his skin from the HIV. It was amazing to see these children worship as they were led by Esther. It was indeed moving to be a part of this vision that came to Esther from God. We just get to participate in something that He planned and orchestrated. Thanks to all of you who have been involved in this work either by praying, coming to Kenya or giving. There is fruit here. Video and pictures of the day have been taken and if it is possible, I hope we can put some of the video on the website for viewing. When we get home, we will certainly put up the pictures.

Tears of joy and praise to our Father!

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