Sunday, July 11, 2010

Camp Week, Part 1

Both of the boys went to camp this week. Austin was a part of Discovery Camp, an overnight camp at Circle Square Ranch from Sunday to Saturday. Ben was at the same camp but for day camp, Monday through Friday. Both of them had a fabulous time and are already talking about 'next year'!

Austin and our friend, Zach, getting settled in to their cabin...

The little girls, especially Ava, loved the horses...

On Friday, the day camp families were able to go and see the end of the week rodeo...

Ben's group won Group of the Week!
And he won Camper of the Week!!!
We're so proud of you, Buddy!!!

Then on Saturday, we were able to go for Austin's rodeo and end of the week fun...

Austin's race was to ride down and burst a water balloon over one of the counselor's heads.
He enjoyed getting his counselor, Kristian...

And Austin's group also won Group of the Week!!!Woohooo!
Are we happy to see him or what!?!?
And doesn't he look older and about 5 shades more tan?
Ahh, my mama heart is so full!
And even more full!
We are thankful for our incredible boys and that God blessed them with such a great week, in spite of the extreme heat! Thanks, too, to the great staff at Circle Square for taking care of them and giving them such a memorable time.
Many blessings!


  1. That looks like an awesome camp. My favorite pics though were the ones with his sibs! How sweet to capture their love in a picture!!!

    Awesome job sweet mama!


  2. Thanks! It was a sweet reunion and fun to watch all the sibling love.
    Love you!