Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fresh Bread from Heaven, part 3

Bob had not left for his office yet that morning, so when he came upstairs from showering, we told him what we had just experienced. He wanted his own word from the Father, so he asked us to pray with him. If you know Bob personally and know of even a smidgen of the dreams that God gives him, you may find that a little odd or even kind of funny since he already hears so much.

We prayed with him and two of the children soon had pictures for Bob. One had a picture of a sewage truck leaving, the kind of tanker truck that comes to purge the deep, underground pipes. The other child saw Bob riding on a horse. He wore silver armour and held a spear in one hand and a shield in the other hand and was a strong warrior. We asked where Bob was riding and the child reported all over the world, especially Africa, but all over the world.

Obviously one picture has to take place before the other can take place. Thus began a long and exhausting but fruitful late morning and entire afternoon of praying with Bob to get the deep-seated, fiendish, hidden garbage out from the centre of his soul. He needed profound healing. Emma, Austin, Ben and I prayed as we never have before and saw results of those prayers as never before. I will not go into all the garbage. It is really not important. We all have had or do have garbage. I will, however, give praise to our Saviour and King who died for not only our salvation from sin and being separated from God but also our salvation from strongholds and evil spirits!!! His love is truly amazing and His healing is something none of us can live without.

And I have to share this side note: we took a break from our praying to have a little lunch. When we sat down to the table, I noticed our five year old being unusually quiet and hanging her head. She also was not eating her soup and biscuit. I asked her what was wrong but she would not answer. I finally called her over to my chair and asked her to tell me in my ear. She said that Jesus had told her to ‘pass from lunch to pray for Daddy and his healing’. She was in such a place of humility and obedience that she did not want to announce it to everyone. She sat on the couch while we finished our lunch. Oh wow.

We prayed for a fresh word this morning when we started our day. God was faithful to give us fresh bread from heaven once again. I do not know that He will speak to us so clearly each morning. I am counting on it. And whether He does or not, we will spend the time sitting in His presence and waiting for Him. We are learning to trust Him more and more each day. He is showing us things that we could never come up with on our own. We love His creativity and do not want to go on without Him.

I realize that some may not agree that this fresh bread is necessary. We have all we need to know in the Bible, right? If you are one who shares this thinking, please ask questions and more than anything, I pray you will ask the Father for your own word, your own fresh bread. We do have the Word and I cherish every word in that Book. It is vital that I be in the Word every day. But I believe He wants to speak to us on a daily basis, even a moment by moment basis. Yes, there is more… so much more! Oh, how He loves!

I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. Ephesians 1:17

Beautiful, bountiful blessings in Jesus!


  1. thank you for sharing your encounters with our dear Lord! I got David to read this too & we are highly encouraged!

  2. A beautiful reminder, Scarlett.

    I wanted to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for you. You are an encouragement!