Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fresh Bread From Heaven, part 2

I had recently been fasting for a couple of reasons and knew when I woke up yesterday morning that I could break my fast and that I also needed to spend time just sitting in God’s presence with the children when we started our school time. After breakfast, we finished our morning routines and read our Bible passage for the day. Then I told the children that I wanted to help them learn how to sit in God’s presence and just soak Him in and to hear from Him.

It took several minutes for everyone to settle down and for the giggling to subside. I instructed them to just sit still before the Father, not to pray as they normally would (‘please give us a good day’, ‘please help me with my math’, ‘please give Rebecca [our friend on the other side of the globe] a special sense of Your Presence today’, etc.) but to just rest and listen for His voice or to watch for pictures from His heart.

Almost immediately the Father started speaking His Peace over me…Peace, Peace, and more Glorious Peace.

I waited a little while and just let the Father’s Presence invade our living room.

Then I asked if anyone had anything to share. Emma shared that God had shown her a web where she was the centre and it was connected to other people who had their own webs and it just continued. He told her that she was connected to many other people and that she has influence on not only her younger siblings but also on a younger group of children she is volunteering with now and even others. He told her that she has a choice to be a positive influence or a negative influence.

Next, Austin shared that he had seen God on His throne, smiling across at him. The throne was not exactly gold, but it was hard to put a colour label on it. The Father was big, at least 7 feet tall. Austin was not sure if he was sitting or standing before the throne, but he was just about four or five feet in front of the Father. And the Father was smiling on Austin! You should have seen his beaming face as he was telling us!

Ben saw himself, tiny on the earth, ‘as tiny as a germ’. He looked up to the sky and then saw past the sky into space and then past space into heaven. The Father was looking down at him from a huge table, on which was set an incredible, delectable feast. He was just looking down and waiting for Ben to come and eat with him. Later he told us more details about the actual food…piles of chicken and pies and nuts and all kinds of amazing foods. Whoa!

Of course, as they are relaying all of these incredible pictures, I am just overwhelmed. I tell them about my own experience and then just pray and cry and thank the Father for His love and mercy and Presence.

Part 3 next...

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