Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Listening to Him

A friend pointed out to me yesterday that I have not been blogging lately. I am blogging in my head, just not here at the computer. It’s hard to believe that the middle of January is already here. We are back into a regular routine full of learning and laughing and listening to the Holy Spirit.

Once I recovered from our holiday travels and was ready to get back to our familiar pattern for each day, I gathered the children together in the living room one morning for our Bible time and prayer. I told them that I wanted them to hear from the Father specifically regarding what He wants them to be studying. We took a minute or two (that is all it took) to pray and they all heard from Him.

Some of what they were to learn left me quite speechless (i.e. Portuguese for Austin!!!). I already knew that He wanted Emma to learn Italian (the main reason she is no longer participating on FB) and that was again confirmed. Ben had a great time tinkering with the piano at my mom’s while we were in Texas and since we have been home, his fingers are constantly drumming on the table, the wall, the desk (reminiscent of Molly Mahoney in Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium) so it was no surprise that piano lessons were on his list. The Father graciously provided a keyboard for us just days later (thank you Connolly family!) and a possible piano teacher, as well! Ava is to continue with ballet and art class and add in French. Maya actually did not hear from Jesus at first, due to the fact that she was playing and did not actually pray. {grin} But we all prayed with her and she was excited that He wants her to learn to read and be read to lots and lots. I was also proud that the subject of math was also on everyone’s list (that one could have easily been left off…oh, mom, Jesus did not put math on my list this time…).

I am so thankful that He speaks. And that He speaks to my children, not just to me. It is a beautiful thing to witness their relationships with Him growing and changing. The excitement as they were sharing their subjects for study was thrilling! I am in awe and cannot stop saying Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

May you hear His Voice today.

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