Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More from Kenya

Our friend Peb has a team in Kenya right now. There have been amazing reports and I wanted to share the latest (from yesterday)....

What is most interesting about the last 24 hours is the rain. It has been very dry all over Kenya since November. The crops are withered. There is little food in the field for the people who must grow crops to eat. Yesterday, we spoke on faith and began to believe with the people for rain. It began to lightly rain exactly as the service ended. We all felt that this was a confirmation of the Word just spoken. It then rained all night here in Meru and really over almost over all Kenya. That made for a very difficult trip into the bush this morning. We went to Kanoa. Many of those people had been with us yesterday to hear the message on faith and speaking to the mountain to this case it was drought. So they saw the result of this immediately with the rain that fell all night. Today in Kanoa, we met a people who really want to walk with the Lord. We spoke today about the Kingdom. We spoke on the need for unity in the Body to establish God's Kingdom in this area. This brings up the need for humility, community, forgiveness etc. The people responded very positively. It was such a blessing to be with these people. It was also such a blessing to see God confirm His Word so quickly with the rain. We go tomorrow to Ithitwe. It also seems that finally sickness has been done away with in our group. So, thanks for praying.

East Africa Zarephath Ministry

Thank You, Father, for moving the mountain!


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