Tuesday, September 13, 2011


One of the amazing things about living in this area of the country is that we are right in the heart of so much American history! We recently took a day to go to Gettysburg and had a fascinating time. The visitor's centre is a beautiful place and we enjoyed both the movie and the cyclorama. The gift shop and bookstore had so much to peruse. The museum also had many treasures. We also took a drive through the battlefields with an audio tour. The only thing we did not have time for was to take a tour of the cemetery. We will go again, though, and make that a priority. A friend told me that the tour guides do a great job of telling some of the more personal stories of the Civil War.

I did not teach American history in great depth while living in Canada, so we are looking forward to great history learning this year, along with some unique field trips.

Home school moms: What is your favourite American history curriculum?



  1. Fun! My dh and oldest boys have been, but not the rest of us. I hope we can all go one day.

    I love history! My favorite years of studying have been ones just pieced together. You could start with the state historic sites and cover a lot of good history that way. (VA, right?)


  2. Thanks, Leslie! I can see you thoroughly enjoying Gettysburg! Let me know when you plan a trip and we can go together (yes, VA!)!!! Love you!

  3. beautiful pictures! & soon Emma will tower over Bob (: