Friday, September 16, 2011


Today was Celebrate Benjamin Day! He is now a nine year old, and the happiest, most smiley, joyful nine year old we know!

We are amazed today and every day that the Father brought us to this exact spot and home in Virginia, not only to connect with the Tigges family, but also to connect with two of the next door neighbour families and another family that is only a few minutes away!!! We are so very blessed. It is overwhelming.

Thank you to those sweet friends who have prayed for our children to have friends in Virginia. These do not replace the old friends, but we are thankful that the Father has already graciously answered all of those beautiful prayers.

We love you, Benji-man and are so proud of the bright, talented, creative, thoughtful, caring young man you are. We are blessed by you every single day!

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