Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Last few days of summer...{books}

Even though today definitely feels quite fall-ish around here, I was thinking back over the summer and all the good times, the hard times, the fun, the uncertainties, the sun and the guests who came to stay. One of the (many) things that made me smile was remembering all the good books we have read or listened to during the last few months.

We have made it a habit and part of our routine for years now, whether in the school year or in the summer months, Christmas break, or whenever, to have at least one, but often times, two books that Emma and/or I read aloud to the whole crew during lunch time. This is then followed by an hour of quiet reading time immediately after lunch every day. I have already mentioned a few books the boys have recently enjoyed (look here). Here are a few others we have read either at lunch time for our read-alouds or individually during reading hour in the past three months.

This is one that we read five years ago when it first came out and it quickly became a favourite. The little girls listened to it on CD this summer, at least twice, and maybe even a third time.

Again, we had read this aloud a couple of years ago, but because it is a favourite, we read it again this year.

And the third in the series just came out in May, so it was new to us. The characters are so real and endearing and I laughed and cried my way through reading this one to the children.

Another one we delighted in is an older one, but one that was new to the children and I, alike.

Emma thoroughly relished this one...

Our current read-aloud...

And this one, too, in anticipation of the movie coming out in December...

Here are a few that I have read in the past few months. I recommend them all...

Of course, any of these would make great autumn reads, too, especially when curled up with a blanket and a cup of hot cider! Enjoy!

And please share the favourites from your summer reading list in the comments!


  1. thats really a great post for my guys.. thanks for writing.