Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Considering three of my five children were not even born on this date eleven years ago and the other two were very young, I have been trying to put September 11, 2001 into words for them. Words truly fail me. How do I give explanation to such horror and evil?

I remember the day clearly. We were living in Texas. That was the one year Emma went to "out school," as Maya calls it. Austin was a wee 17 month old. So Emma was safely tucked into her public school classroom at Bowie Elementary with our dearest Miss Pool, her teacher. Austin and I were just settling in to our morning routine and I had switched on the television to tune in to Barney for us to watch together.

I was puzzled by the picture on the screen. The first tower had just been hit. The commentators were stunned, as was I.  No one knew what was happening and much speculation was being discussed. The second tower was hit as I was standing there in my stupor, watching. I told Austin this morning that he never did get to watch any children's programming that day. I kept him entertained but the television stayed on the news all day. We went through the rest of our routine that day but with the sound of people in the background trying to report and make sense of the chaos in New York City, the attack on the Pentagon and the plane that had crashed in Pennsylvania.

As I have tried to relay that 11 year old dark day to my beloveds today, I have wept once again over these unbelievable events. I pray for the people who lost loved ones, all the emergency responders and our entire country. We remember and we pray.

(This 9/11 Timeline has helped with giving some of the details regarding that day. We also watched videos from the attacks on YouTube.)

P.S. And as I pray for our country today, I remember other countries in the world that are under attack, specifically Israel. September 11th was a dark day for us in America, and for the world, but Israel is under attack all the time. Planes are not crashing into towers, but rockets are pointed at Israel 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is something that we can only glimpse of but cannot fully relate to as Americans. I was asking a friend who has family in Israel, in light of all the threats on Israel by Iran (or any other enemy, for that matter) how long the people have to get into their sealed rooms/buildings. The ones she knows there have a full TWO MINUTES but people in other parts of the country have only 30 SECONDS. As we remember our terror attack from 11 years ago, let us also remember and pray for those who are under constant threat of attack today. 

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