Wednesday, November 21, 2012

His Passionate Pursuit {A Review}

From the cover:
Through passionate encounters with God, Victoria Boyson has given us an articulate portrait of God's heart for us. His Passionate Pursuit is a gift to the Body of Christ to dispel the lies of centuries of spiritual barrenness in the Church. Victoria challenges you to embrace the captivating revelations of His passion for you - His beloved bride. It is an invitation to an awakening encounter with God.

My opinion:
I love hearing and reading other people's stories. It's challenging and fun and exciting to read about how God has worked in someone's life to show her or him more of Himself. That is true of Victoria Boyson and her latest book His Passionate Pursuit: God's Passion to Captivate Your Heart. My attention was arrested from the first chapter, in which Victoria begins by sharing one of the visions she has had. In the vision the Father took her flying over the earth in the Spirit. They came to a woman who was on her knees, crying and praying in desperation to God. The Father 'breathed in deeply to take in the aroma of her prayers.' As He breathed in the woman's desperate appeals, splendid light began pouring forth from Him. The light enveloped the Lord and the woman and He told Victoria that 'it was her desperation for Me that drew Me to her'. What a beautiful picture! I want to be more and more desperate for Him.

His Passionate Pursuit is full of similar stories, both personal for Victoria and for the Church. There was great evidence of God's unfailing love and of His relentless pursuit of us, His children. I enjoyed and was heartened by each and every dream, vision and Scripture Victoria shares in relating her own relationship with the Father and the one He wants each of us to have with Him. 

If you find yourself in a place with longing beginning to stir for more of God or if you are already in a place of being completely on your face in desperation and surrender, I highly recommend this book. You will be empowered with truth that He is for you and pursuing you with the pure love that He longs to pour out on you!

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