Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rejoicing Over Kenya News

I hope you'll rejoice with me over this latest news from Onesmus in Kenya and the lives that are being changed there by the transforming power of Jesus!!!

Last week on Friday 2nd to Saturday 4th November, 2012, we had an Open Air Crusade at Gate (A) Market within Machakos Town. Before Crusade, Esther and I and the Intercessory Team had been praying and fasting and after arriving at the Crusade on Friday 2nd at 4pm, we went round the Market place praying and destroying every spirit of witchcraft, immorality, unbelief and possessing the area the way God directed Joshua to do in Jericho and Ai. After doing this, we went back to the venue ground and started the Crusade at 5:30pm whereby, many people attended the meeting. 

At 6:15pm, I started ministering to the many people who attended the meeting whereby, the Spirit of God moved to the place in a Mighty way at that time, 215 lost souls surrendered their lives to Christ Jesus and later filled by the Power of the Holy Spirit. We also had time for Healing and Deliverance whereby, all the people in the Crusade moved forward for healing and deliverance while lifting their hands up and before I started praying for them for healing and deliverance, a heavy rain poured down with thunders and lights and we couldn't manage to pray for these people. However, we took time to thank the Lord for the blessings of rain.   

On Saturday 3rd, we started the Crusade very late at 4:30pm whereby, many people attended the meeting. However, before went to the Crusade, all our praise and worship team and most of Church members were very sick and face attacks from the enemy. Esther and I managed to pray and anointed them with oil and after some few minutes they all received total healing and restoration through the Blood of Christ Jesus. When I started ministering to the large number of people, there was a heavy force and confusion from the witchcrafts who also attended the meeting whereby, they tried to kill me and stop the meeting not to continue. I sensed about this and I communicated with Esther through Spirit and she begun praying together with Intercessors for 40 minutes whereby, the 2 witchcrafts left the meeting and there was restoration and breakthrough of which 175 people given their lives to Christ Jesus.  

On Sunday 4th, we started the Crusade at 4:15 whereby, many people from different Churches attended the Crusade ready to receive from God. I started Ministering from 5:45pm  and the Spirit of God led me to call first those who wanted to get saved and thereby, 190 lost souls came forward ready to get saved whereby, we prayed for them and they all surrendered their lives to Christ Jesus and were filled by the Power of the Holy Spirit. We later started Healing and Deliverance whereby, everyone who was there came forward and before I started praying for this people, there came 2 witchcrafts old Women who before reaching where I was, were slain down by the Fire of the Holy Spirit and they wake up and run a way whereby, I told them you better get saved and confess your sin to Jesus Christ or die and they refused to do so. Then the same night at 11:30pm East Africa time they all died and now there is peace and restoration in the market. I believe that, my call is to reach out to the people, preaching and teachings about the Kingdom of God, Healing every sickness and casting out the evil spirits among the people. However, we now that, the devil comes to steal, destroy and to kill, but Christ Jesus came to seek and to safe that which was lost. These 2 witchcraft Women were killed by the devil himself not me, if they could surrender their lives to Christ they could be able to save their lives and get saved through His Blood.

--Onesmus and Esther

The warfare is more intense and 'in their faces' than what we experience here (although we DO have spiritual warfare here). It is terribly heartbreaking when the enemy has such a hold on some of these individuals that they will not turn to Jesus. I pray for our friends in Kenya and that lives will continue to be changed and transformed by God's incredible love. May the Light of Jesus burn more and more brightly!

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