Wednesday, November 7, 2012


We have been hunkered down this morning, quite a bit sad over the election results and how divided our country is at this time. Here's about how I am feeling right now... 

Yesterday the US voters said yes to the immoral slaughter of the unborn, and the immoral redefinition of the family. They revealed an addiction to big government fixing their problems, and a jealousy over those who succeed. They chose a position of dishonor towards Israel. These choices carry consequences. I pray for mercy.

Can God heal our nation? Yes. Does He need godliness in the White House to accomplish it? No. It is time for us to pray? More than ever. --Bill Johnson quote from FB

The children and I have had some great discussions on elections, government, Nineveh, Daniel, what it will take for our country to experience awakening and revival. Man, I love these thinkers I have! 

The bottom line is found on our money, as I was reminded in a text from a friend at midnight...

On another note, we are praying, praying, praying for the people in the northeast who are still without power. It's hard to believe and hard to imagine. And now there is another storm (Athena or just nor'easter?) coming their way. Father, please have mercy on them.

We have been busy this morning packing up a little love to send to storm victims in New Jersey. Thanks to my friend, Rachel Jane, for setting us up with an address of a place to send the supplies.

Father, we bless these boxes of love that they will reach the hands that are cold and hungry. May they bring a glimmer of hope and let those who receive them know they are not forgotten, in Jesus' Name.

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