Saturday, December 29, 2012

Our Christmas Celebration

We had a beautiful Christmas! I am still blown away by how the Lord blessed us, over and over. Thank You so much, Father!!! And a big thank you to our family for their generosity and to our friends who shared so much with us. It even snowed on Christmas Eve, which made it feel so much more like "home."

I never get tired of watching the snow fall...

Here are several of our Christmas traditions. The first one is that we allow the children to open one gift each on Christmas Eve. I guess this started when I was little and my parents let my brother and me open one gift to settle our curiosity. It still works. Haha!

Years ago we started making Mexican food for our Christmas Eve dinner. This year I made cheese enchiladas, beef enchiladas, Spanish rice and served them with chips, guacamole and salsa. I also purchased special drinks for the occasion.

I love how the lights are so twinkling and magical!

This beautiful artwork greeted us Christmas morning...

On Christmas morning, while breakfast is baking in the oven, we start with our stockings. This picture makes me smile.

Then it's on to the gifts under the tree, if there are any. Some years we've just had stockings. Some years we've had more. This year was a year for more. I am so very thankful!

Usually for Christmas brunch I make a coffee cake, Farmer's Casserole and serve them with some kind of fruit. Sometimes I do more, if we're having guests. This year was more simple. I also served my Mom's recipe of Almond Tea.

The kids had fun with their new toys and games!

Christmas crackers...a Canadian tradition!

Here we are with crowns from the crackers and our Christmas dinner...

Christmas red wreath...

Winter sky...

Our Christmas crew...

The Lord kept bringing these verses to my mind during the last few weeks...

In the countryside nearby were some shepherds spending the night in the fields, guarding their flocks, when an angel of Adonai appeared to them, and the Sh’khinah of Adonai shone around them. They were terrified; but the angel said to them, “Don’t be afraid, because I am here announcing to you Good News that will bring great joy to all the people. Luke 2:8-10 CJB

I am so thankful for the announcement of Good News so many years ago and the fact that Jesus brought life and great joy to earth!


  1. Love these photos, Scarlett! You have an artist's eye. Thanks for sharing the sweetness of your Christmas.

    1. Thank you, Tammy, for your kind words! :)