Friday, January 18, 2013

Week In Review

Well, we've had the sickness here for the past two weeks. Different ones have had different versions of it, but it is generally a headache, sore throat, coughing, sneezing and tiredness. Bob and Austin have been spared, thank the Lord!

It hit me a few days ago and this is how I've been feeling... (read: slumped and very FUZZY!)

Emma even encouraged me to sleep late and stay in bed all day yesterday. It was extremely weird for me but hopefully it helped with the healing process. I was able to get up and taxi everyone who needed taxi-ing today, albeit with much sitting down in between. Thank you, dear girl, for holding down the fort while I rested!

In the midst of all the sickness and hot lemon/ginger/honey treatments,

we were still able to get a few things accomplished. The boys started this new science curriculum (review coming soon!)...

Ava started a new online math program (review also coming soon). Emma's new drama class began.

And both Ava and Maya have enjoyed our time with this week's Five In A Row book...

Austin just started Taekwondo this month and was awarded his white belt on Wednesday! Way to go!!!

And we've had lots of snuggle time...which includes Elliot the Cat, who always knows when one of us is feeling poorly and comes to nestle right up next to us.

I hope you have been spared the sickness at your house and if not, rest and get well soon! xo

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