Thursday, January 17, 2013

A New Car for Onesmus

I learned of this story a few weeks ago, but our friend, Peb, is back in Kenya and learned the story first-hand. He relates it briefly here...

Many of you know that a man gave Onesmus a very nice car last November. It is a Subaru Forrester. The details of this gift are as follows. There is a man in Nairobi who worked 25 years as an engineer in Germany and he made much money. He contracted throat cancer and his wife got cervical cancer. They moved back to Kenya to die. However another woman who had been healed by the ministry in Machakos told this couple of Onemsus and they came. They were not believers. Both were terminal. The man could not talk and could only swallow small amount of liquids due to the mass. Onesmus prayed for both of them for hours. The lady had a fungating mass protruding from her body. As they prayed, a black mucous came out of the man's mouth and black masses of necrotic tissue came out of the lady. They both went unconscious and remained so for a time. Onesmus reminded the Lord that if they died, it would be a shame to the Gospel. They revived. They continued to anoint one another and pray for the next year. Within one year, both were cancer free. In gratitude, they gave Onesmus the car since he had never requested money for the ministry.

I don't know what Onesmus' new vehicle looks like exactly, but I had to look one up to see for myself, because I'm visual like that. :)

I am so happy for him!

Please pray for Peb as he is there ministering and also continuing lifting up Onesmus, Esther, their sweet family and all of the ministry team as they continue to lift up Jesus to the hurting, broken and enslaved in Kenya. 

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