Thursday, March 21, 2013


Have you heard of ThredUP yet? 

It's an online consignment shop based in California. Right now they are carrying children's clothing only, but this is about to change, as they are in the process of adding a women's clothing section!!!

I just placed my first order for a whopping $4.97. I had seen on several sites that there was a discount code for first time buyers. And if you collect Swagbucks, I noticed (after it was too late) that you can earn Swagbucks by ordering from ThredUP.

I am getting two children's shirts (one of which still has the tags on it!), plus a bag to fill (normally costs $4.95 alone) and send in to sell my own items. I am already gearing up to clean out closets. In fact, I already have a few things that I have cleaned out in the past couple of months. I'll be interested to see how big the bag is for me to fill. They also include shipping, so sending in my clothing pieces will cost me nothing. Wow.

Check out their About Page to find out how it works!

If you decide to purchase something, please use my CODE! You will get $10 off!  

Let me know if you decide to order and what you get! xx

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