Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A New Strategy - The Journey To Transformation

For 15 years George Otis, Jr. and the Sentinel Group have researched stories of transforming revival from around the globe from both a biblical and historical perspective.  These are amazing stories of where the Lord’s presence comes and not only changes lives but impacts the social fiber, the government and even the ecology itself.  For example,

·         Almolonga, Guatemala – Jails closed because crime has decreased; carrots the size of a person’s arm are being harvested.

·         Cali, Colombia – The world’s largest drug cartel is dismantled through the prayers and fasting of the church of Jesus Christ; in restaurants, press boxes and newsrooms, residents are hungry to talk about God stories . . .  they can’t get enough.

·         Fiji -  Villages repenting of idolatry and darkness invite the Lord’s presence to come down and heal relationships and the land.  Once dead coral reefs suddenly spring back to life, and fish that have been gone because of the oppressive weight of sin on the environment return in abundance.

There are 800+ stories like these that the Sentinel Group has documented.  The curious observation is that only 2 communities are recognized in North America.

So we at IFA want to humbly ask the question, “Lord, if there,  then why not here?  Would You come to our community?”

George’s research has discovered predictable patterns and principles that make communities attractive to a touch from heaven.  In fact, in Scripture we are invited to seek the Lord and ask Him to come down . . . but on His terms . . . 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Two weeks ago we started training 16 coaches from across the U.S. to walk with communities through a “Journey to Transformation” by learning the biblical, current and historical findings that the Sentinel Group has compiled through the years.  We believe that there are friends gathering around the country who are longing for this transforming revival to touch their own neighborhood.  These current day experiences are grounded not only in biblical hope but present, life-giving reality. 

My role as a coach is to come alongside community leaders in 25 states to help cast vision, teach and prepare for this kind of spiritual awakening.  This is humbling and awe-inspiring for me personally.  I have experienced some similar miraculous stories and heavenly invasions both in North America and internationally, but I have never lived in a community where the pervasive presence of the Lord is so tangible.  We are walking and preparing with friends here in northern Virginia for this kind of spiritual awakening.  We believe this grass-roots strategy is the Lord’s heart to help bring some healing to our fractured, imploding nation.

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Thanks for your continued prayers and partnership.

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