Thursday, April 11, 2013

ThredUP Online Re-Sell Clothing Shop

I have been trying to find ways to save my family money, while at the same time provide the things we need (food, clothing, shelter, etc.). I recently found out about this great online re-sell shop called ThredUP, which I mentioned here. Not only can I save a large amount of money on these re-sell items, but I can also make money by sending in my gently used clothing for them to purchase from me.

I received my ThredUP order last week and was then able to pack up my gently used items to send off to them in California. Here are the items I received. One shirt (with the tags still on it) for Austin and two shirts for Ava. I only paid $4.97 since I had a discount code. 

When you place an order, you get a complimentary bag to then send in your clothing to sell. They also pay the postage. Is that great or what?!

Here are the things I cleaned out, all ready to be packed up . . . 

And here is my packed bag, ready to be dropped off at any UPS or USPS location . . .

I cannot wait to find out how much I make on this bag. And I've already set aside some fall and winter items to sell later in the year!

ThredUP is launching their women's clothing site soon. I am inviting you to check out the sneak peek now! 

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