Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Answered Prayers!


Thank you for fasting, praying and giving over the past month.  Here are a two specific answers for financial support:

Financial Support
1.       In April we received an unexpected, and very generous gift from a local church to help carry us through the month.
2.      Scarlett was driving alone one evening and felt prompted to pull over and check her purse.  She found four $20 bills folded nicely inside…supernaturally!  She knows without a shadow of a doubt that they were not there before.
3.      Your praying and fasting were used in April to help provide for our ministry and family.  Thank you.

To join our support team, click on Field Staff Support at IFA Royce Team.

The Journey to Transformation Discovery Weekend – Leesburg, VA
We launched our first Discovery Weekend in April.  About 120 friends from the greater DC area as well as Pennsylvania, New York and even Arkansas gathered to learn how to help prepare their own neighborhoods for transforming revival.  Fifty people from that meeting met here again last night to say, “Yes.  We will humble ourselves and intercede for the Lord to touch our community in a powerful way.”   Click here to learn about The Journey to Transformation.

National Day of Prayer – DC
I enjoyed meeting in different venues like the Cannon House Office Building, the Family Research Council offices and the Capitol Building to discuss and pray with leaders from around the country about spiritual awakening and revival.  IFA hosed a luncheon with George Otis, Jr. to talk about The Journey to Transformation here in America and also to share stories of heaven sent revival around the globe. 

George shared about a small, shriveling community in Brazil hidden among the dry riverbeds.  They had not seen rain in 25 years.  One small, poor church 3 hours away received a dream with the name of this village.  They eventually located it, started visiting the residents, and crying out for a miracle with one Christian home in the community.  After several visits it started raining.  Rivers started bursting forth from underground and started a new lake!  Many folks have since come into the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, and their community is now exporting honey and other delectable goods.  It is literally being transformed from a decaying desert to a lush garden oasis. 

IFA hosting a luncheon with George Otis at the United States Capitol Visitors Center.

For Royce family fun pics and happenings, follow Scarlett’s blog, The Scarlett Thread.

Thanks so much.


Bob Royce
Mobilization Coordinator
Intercessors for America
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Purcellville, VA 20134
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  1. God is good!! What amazing updates.


    1. Thank you, friend! I was going to ask what you were doing up in the middle of the night, but I just saw your blog! A little French and a little writing, maybe?!
      Scarlett xo

  2. God is good! When things like that happen (money in the purse) it reminds me that God, the almighty creator of the universe takes the time to remember little unimportant me.. It's just amazing :)