Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Buyback textbooks at Cash4Books.net

I have written in the past few months about trying to find ways to save or even to make money for my family. Another way I have found to make a little cash recently is to sell books to Cash4Books.net

It is a very easy process to look up the ISBN's and find out if the books I want to sell are being accepted and at what amount. I can do so either on the website or on the mobile app via a barcode scanner. The books they are interested in buying should have a publication date of 2010 or newer.

Shipping is FREE. Once I have entered all the ISBN's, clicked on "sell my books", I then print off my packing slip and packing label. I really cannot say enough about how simple the process is. 

I have just packed up my second box. I am making around $20 per box of seven or so books. All I have to do now is drop off my box at my local United States Post Office. And if I have $35 or more in sales, they will upgrade my shipping to FedEx, free of charge. I can collect the payment either in PayPal cash or in the form of a cheque.

Go to Cash4Books now to see if they are buying the books that are collecting dust on your shelves. Let me know if you sell anything!

Buyback textbooks at Cash4Books.net

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