Friday, October 25, 2013

Staying home + nature and art

We had one day this week when no one had to leave the house (excluding Bob, of course!). Woohoo! No errands, no jobs, no social engagements, no babysitting, no classes. 

Just home. All day. {Happy sigh}

So I decided it would be nice to do something out of the ordinary. It is something we used to do more of, but during this season of our lives, it's been more rare.

We went out to enjoy nature, sunshine, autumn colours and fresh air, blustery though it was. Several of us had mitts on, and a couple even donned their touques, to keep warm.

And after we had gathered rocks, leaves of various colours, twigs, pinecones and branches, we drew, sketched and created. 

Then we enjoyed the first hot chocolate of this season!

Love and blessings! xo

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