Friday, June 6, 2014

Grace Note Gifts

Hi Friends! I have something fun to share with you today. I want to introduce you to my new friend Grace of Grace Note GiftsI have gotten to know Grace, mostly from Instagram, where she shares about her soy wax melts business. One day I noticed that she had asked which of four new scents she should add to her shop. The first one or two people to comment with a particular scent won a sample! How fun is that? And it just so happens that I won the Sage and Lemongrass scent. Grace included four other scent samples for me to review (see photo above).

About Grace:
I'm a wife and homeschooling Mom to 3! I'm passionate about my family, faith and I LOVE coffee and candles...if you couldn't tell from my IG feed, lol! ;-)

I began making wax melts a little over 2 years ago after a lifetime (literally) of loving scents. My Mom has said when I was little I'd go around with her empty gum wrappers in my little purse and would smell them and called them my "smellies", lol. Isn't that funny?! I don't remember that, but I do know that I've always loved things that smelled good, especially candles and I am a candle buying addict. SO, I thought why not make them! Haha!

I use 100% soy wax in my wax melts. I like soy wax because it burns clean (in candles), it's sustainable and biodegradable! Most of my fragrances are infused with essential oils which gives them more of a true to life fragrance. I am pretty picky about what I make...if I don't like it, I don't sell it! :-)

My thoughts:
I LOVE these soy melts from Grace Note Gifts. When my package arrived in the mail, my children came running in with it saying "Mom, it smells like candy!" Haha! I think they were a tiny bit disappointed that the package wasn't filled with Skittles or some other edible, fruity deliciousness, but when I explained what was in the package, they were still eager to open it up and find out what a soy melt was. 

We took turns smelling each of the 5 scents:

We liked all of them, but the hands down favourite was and is Indian Summer, which is a delicious combination of peaches, pineapples, lemons, limes, melons and apples. It is warm and summery and happy. And Grace has SO many more scents from which to choose.

If you're not familiar with soy melts, they are so simple to use. Just break off a cube and put it in your electric or tea light warmer. The wax cube melts and gives off a wonderful fragrance. Even though I love candles, I like this idea, as well, since there is no flame with an electric warmer (which is what I have). If you enjoy candles, you may really enjoy these melts. I have mine in my kitchen, but it would be nice in any room in the house. I even have one of the little cups (in the photo at the top) sitting on my dryer. The cube doesn't melt when the dryer is on, but it is potent enough with the warmth from the dryer to give out a wonderful smell without even being melted.

I highly recommend Grace's products and hope you'll go to her Etsy shop to check them out now! They would make great gifts for graduation, birthdays, Christmas, house warming or "just because".

Connect with Grace:

Blessings and love. xo

Disclaimer: I won a giveaway on Grace's IG account for the 3oz soy melts. The samples were sent for review purposes. I received no other compensation. All opinions are my very own.


  1. What a beautiful review! Thank you so much, Scarlett, this was so very sweet of you to do. Have a blessed Friday! Blessings, Grace

    1. I'm so glad you're pleased with it! Thanks for the opportunity.
      Have a great weekend!
      Scarlett xo

  2. Replies
    1. They are, Debbie! I love them and am so happy to share products I personally want to use/have in my home.
      Have a great weekend!
      Scarlett xo

  3. These sound lovely! I have a couple scentsy burners, but as I've gotten more natural, I'm wondering what is IN those melts. I'd feel better about using something home made.