Friday, February 19, 2010

Kenya Updates

I continue to be amazed by God and in awe of Him and what He is doing in Kenya.

Here are the updates from the past few days.

Received 02/17/10 11:28 PM

Met yesterday evening with the fellowship and ate with Esther and Onesmus. The work is growing here. There are now over 600 coming to fellowship each Sunday and there are now new home groups meeting each Sunday in the hills around Machakos so that those folks don't have to walk so far for fellowship. This is certainly good news but does present issues as to how to teach and instruct properly so that this does not just become another "church" like so many other moves of the Lord. I need intercession for wisdom and direction in this regard. Many are indeed being healed and delivered here. The team we worked with last Dec is functioning well. It is a bit daunting to see the task ahead and to properly discern how to steward that which the Lord entrusts here. Thanks for your prayers.


Received 02/18/10 5:25 AM

It was clear this morning that something new is happening here. We were to meet with a small group of folks from the fellowship and just share with them. People just kept coming in throughout the morning...some from many miles aways and some had walked 2-3 hours to get there. The hunger level of the people was overwhelming. I asked Onemus to intoduce as many as he could to me and tell me if they were mature believers or new. It was about 50% new believers of less than 1 year old in the Lord. We spoke of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Many received. However one young lady that I prayed for had come with her baby because she had had this child with a witch doctor and she knew it was sin and wanted to be saved and her baby prayed for. So we led her to Christ and then broke off of her the witchcraft and broke off of the child the bastard's curse. During the course of the meeting we learned that so many people were coming from as far away as Nairobi that many new home fellowships must be set up so that they don't have to travel so far for fellowship. We will visit 2 of these new fellowships in this area in the next few days. It appears that there is a move of the Spirit here that is far more advanced than I had seen it even 60 days ago when I was last here. There is a level of joy and expectation that I have never witnessed before. There is certainly a fear of the Lord upon us as we realize that this is His work and that there must be no fingerprint of the flesh upon it. Thanks for your prayers as we continue here.


Received today...

I continue to be astounded at some of the things the Lord is doing here in the ministry in Kenya. Onesmus told me that shortly after my Dec departure that a lady in Nairobi who was ill had a dream in which she was told to go to Machakos and find pastor Onesmus Mwanzia and that the fellowship would pray for her and she would be healed. She had had a curse put on her by witchcraft and her stomach as now very distended with fluid way beyond a term pregnancy. Her abdomen apparently was very, very distended. She came by bus to Machakos on a Sunday and began asking if folks knew where Onesmus was located. Once she found the fellowship, she entered into the worship. She came up at the end of the meeting and asked for healing prayer. Onesmus had the prayer and healing team to begin praying for her and in a few minutes she began to vomit up all the fluid in her abdomen. Out came volumes of fluid, Onesmus estimated perhaps as much as 15 liters. It was all over the floor and was filled with worms. They watched her stomach shrink like a balloon when it is deflated by letting out air. She is now healed. She lives in the slums of Nairobi but has a job. She owns several buildings in the slums of Nairobi. She has told Onesmus that they must have a fellowship in the slums of Nairobi and she will donate a building to meet in. She is already bringing 15 people with her to the fellowship in Machakos each Sunday and the people are coming because of her testimony. This appears to be the next fellowship to be established. It is too hard for the people in the slums of Nairobi to be expected to travel each week to Machakos. It appears that the Lord is expanding the work and using these miraculous healings to bring in the people. It is exciting to imagine what He may now do in the slums of Nairobi through this open door.

Onesmus also told me of a lady who is either a relative or in some way connected to a high up in the AIC church in Machakos. It is important to note that this church does not really believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit nor practice the healing of the sick. She came to the fellowship here in early Jan. She was blind. After 3 minutes of healing prayer, her eyes were opened and she now sees perfectly. This has also brought in many more to the fellowship based on the testimony....I was blind but now I see. There are so many being healed that the fellowship is expanding weekly with the new converts and those seeking healing and deliverance. I hope that this builds up your faith and I ask for your continued intercession as we seek to hear the Lord on the strategies for His people from here.


Thank you, Father, for setting the captives free! I stand in awe of You and give all praise and glory to Your Name!

More reports to come!

Blessings in Jesus!

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