Saturday, February 20, 2010

Today's Update

Some amazing things are happening here. We spent time yesterday at the fellowship and had lots of African praise and worship. Toward the end of the session about 5:30pm, some people brought in a woman who had her hands tied with rope. She was demonized and was so severe that to control her, they had to tie her with rope. They were from 54 miles away and had started out at dawn and traveled some of the way by foot and then had gotten a vehicle at some point. When John began ministering to her she began shrieking at the top of her lungs. Apparently her grandmother is a witchdoctor and had put the demons in her. John knew these people and had ministered to this young lady before but the grandmother had put the demons back in her after the ministry. However this time, he got her filled with the Holy Spirit and hopefully will have a different outcome. After about 45 mins, she was sane again and able to sit under a tree and converse normally. On coming in, she was absolute insane and out of control, but the peace of the Lord was on her after ministry.

We had a very unusual thunderstorm last night which produced much rain. Bob G. had had a vision of rain in Kenya 2 days before we came. In the vision he saw a man praying for rain both physical and in the Spirit. It is highly unusual to have rain here in Feb. Bob prayed for the rain last night. I think this is an answer to his prayer and confirmation that God is about to move here in power by the Holy Spirit.

This am, we attended a home fellowship meeting in a nearby village. This is an overflow of the main fellowship. It was so good and was very sweet in it's atmosphere. So much peace and joy with these people. The work here indeed is overflowing and producing good fruit.

Thanks for praying.


My Bob also wrote saying that they had spent time helping to feed the orphans today:
**Had an amazing time being with the orphans and their ministry is beautiful and full of life and hope! What a privilege. And all their caretakers are so grateful to God.**

Blessings in Jesus!

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