Monday, February 22, 2010

Two Days of News


The joy of the Lord came in the service today and the joyous outpouring of worship came out of it. It was truly wonderful. For the 1st time I felt as one with the Kenyans in their worship. It broke loose things in me and in them. We were told later that many were healed in the worship. No one had prayed for them. This is indeed even a newer and higher level of joy and worship for us all.


And from Bob:

Had an amazing worship time this am. We came back this afternoon just to hang out for a bit. Heard that people were healed just being in the Lord's presence...didn't even ask for healing. Onesmus saw them on the road walking after the meeting and they told him they came into the meeting with afflictions then we worshipped the Lord with joy and just being in His presence they were healed.


I forgot to mention yesterday that in a time of testimonies at the Fellowship yesterday a lady told us of her 12 yr old daughter who was unable to speak and had never spoken. Onesmus had prayed for the Mom to be healed. He also prayer over oil to anoint her daughters lips and instructed the mom to cast out the dumb demon. The mom went home and anointed her daughters lips with the oil, laid hands on her and commanded the demon to leave. The daughter then began to speak normally. Quite a miracle! God is really moving among these people. He is changing us as well. We will attend another home fellowship meeting today and be able to meet with a small group of people in their home area.


And from Bob...

Things here are great. God is really moving. We cancelled the afternoon meeting b/c the church left in so much joy and even some were healed w/o asking after the morning meeting. The team was tired, so we all just rested and then ate at Esther's.

Onesmus, Peb and I are going on a hike up to the hills today and then not much this afternoon.

And then later...
Went on about a 2.5 hour hike up to the hills...nice cloud and a bit of rain at the top...felt great but I did get a workout!...home fellowship tonite.


I hope you are enjoying reading and rejoicing over these reports as much as I am! And yes, I long to be there. One day, in God's timing.

And I realized I haven't said anything about us here on the home front. We are happy, healthy and full of the Peace that passes all understanding! Yes, we miss Bob like crazy, but we are thrilled that God has taken him to Kenya and connected all of us with our brothers and sisters in Christ who live there. We support everything the Father is doing there, even from far away.

Thank you, Father, for Your love, goodness, provision, and peace over us and for pouring out Your Spirit in Machakos!

Blessings in Jesus!

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