Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 Vision

I'm sorry I haven't been here too much. I have just needed a little time to re-focus after suddenly moving, all of us being sick before, during and after the move, celebrating Christmas and New Year's, etc. I have photos of the house to share and hope to get back to some normal blogging this week.

Today, though, I wanted to share something I'm pretty excited about for 2014.

Do you do the "word of the year" thing that has been poplar for a number of years now? 

I have never chosen a word, for various reasons, although I will say that the Father spoke the word "HOPE" over me last year and I clung to Him and to that promise like never before. It was a tough year. I was pretty ready to say goodbye to 2013.

When January 1 was getting close, I started asking Him if there was a word for 2014 that I should focus on, since He had given me one last year, even without my asking. He gave me a plethora of words instead of just one. Thanks to Tagxedo, I have made my words into a word cloud to commemorate what He spoke to me.

I have learned so much more about Who God is the last seven years, especially, and one of the things He has been teaching me is about His Kingdom. I have so much more to learn, which is why I believe KINGDOM is the main word for my new year. I am on pins and needles, eager to dig in to what more He is going to explain and demonstrate to me about His Kingdom in 2014. 

Did the Lord give you a word for this year? I'd love to know what it is or what you're looking forward to learning or experiencing in 2014!

Love and blessings. xo

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